Creating a Flow List

Hello, I would like to make a list of all flows in my project (38 flows) - a Table of Contents. It looks as if a text token for this purpose does not exist, so there might be a clever workaround, I don’t know about (yet).
Theoretically I could export my flows and somehow on finder level copy the file names, but there might be an easier way.
Any help appreciated.

You can use the token {@flow1Title@} {@flow2Title@} etc. up to {@flow38Title@}.

As well {@flowNTitle@}, there’s {@flowNFirstPage@}, which gives you the starting page of the flow.

Here’s a text file with incrementally numbered tokens, to help you get started!

TOC (1.2 KB)

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Super, fantastic help!
Thank you derKirchenmusiker and benwiggy.