Creating a generic stave

I write a lot of lead sheets for jazz, which often just include a single line of music for no specific instrument. Is there a way of creating a ‘single-line treble stave’ or ‘single-line bass stave’, or something similar to this effect? If not, is there a way to cut a piano part down to either just the treble or bass stave?


In the ‘Singers’ section, you’ll find both Treble and Lead, which may be what you want. You can indeed use a piano as well. Have a look under Layout options (cmd+shift+L / ctrl+shift+L) -> Vertical Spacing. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a way to hide empty staves.

Not quite what I want, most of my charts are for a melody instrument rather than a singer. I will probably try and use that layout method you suggested. Do you know if it is possible to have an unnamed stave?

As long as you’re dealing with non-transposing instruments, I don’t think there should be any difference except sound and name - both of which you can change.

To change the name of a player - right click the player name in Setup mode and choose ‘Rename’. If you want it to be empty, input a blank space. If you don’t input anything, the name will revert to default.
You may also find some useful settings under Layout options (cmd+shift+L / ctrl+shift+L) -> Staves and Systems -> Staff labels.

To change the sound, go to play mode and click the ‘e’ in the right panel. If you need further instruction, please ask.

Very helpful. Thanks!