Creating a graphic title page

I want to create a title page in a program that offers more graphic capabilities, save it as a pdf and then place it on the first blank page of my score. If I use the Graphic Frame in Engraver mode, it’s my understanding that the frame can’t exceed the page margins. Does that mean that I need to create my original graphic at a size that fits within the margins. For example, if my score is on tabloid (11x17) and I have 0.5" margins on all sides, does that mean my page size for my graphic file needs to be 10x16? Or, is there a way to place an 11x17 graphic onto an 11x17 blank Dorico page?

Firstly, PDF won’t work, use SVG.

The margins are fixed so you can’t have margins and fill the whole page border to border. There are fill options that should scale the graphic to the frame.

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Ah, I didn’t know that about pdf. I’m a recent convert to Dorico after being a long-time user of another notation program and that’s how I always did my title pages in that app. Thanks for the heads-up about SVG. I can work with that!

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