Creating a GUI in the VSTGUI 3.6 style

I still got some older projects which I consider to port to VST3.7.
They use VSTGUI 3.6. This one still does not create to GUI with the .uidesc. It manually adds controls within ::open and frame->addView().

  1. Is this possible also with VSTGUI 4.9, so I can reuse big parts of my old code for creating the GUI? Rewriting the complete GUI code is not an option for me.

  2. If yes, how can I do this in VSTGUI 4.9?


Sure you can do this. Just call frame->addView(). What exactly is your issue with this?

Definately works still. Depending on how many custom controls you have, you might be in for a lot of code changes as a lot has changed since 3.6