Creating a layout for an instrument rather than a player

I have the Trumpet 1 player doubling on a D trumpet, but I’ve been asked to provide a part for piccolo trumpet which comprises the material of the auxiliary instrument only. Because the D trumpet is held by the Trumpet 1 player, I seems I can’t add it as a player part layout. So I tried moving the D tpt to an empty-handed player (and so creating a part layout for it), duplicating the layout (providing me with two D trumpet layouts), and then handing one of them back to the Tpt 1 player. But that made the duplicate layout disappear entirely. What was my misstep?

The only way I know of to do this is to cue the Trumpet in D to the Piccolo Trumpet. You can hide cue bar rests from Notation Options. But then the notes are cue sized. You can change the size in Engraving Options but that affects all cues.

Why don’t you duplicate the player first, and then transfer one copy to the Empty-handed player?

Hmmm, that doesn’t seem to work either - it’s my attempt to ‘isolate’ the D trumpet material that doesn’t operate as I expected. I think I’ll just copy the whole part (with its doubling instrument) into a new layout and then delete the 1st Trumpet material from it (it’s made easier by Dorico’s excellent automatic instrument change labelling within the part!).

Do it in galley view, where you can select just the D Trumpet line.

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