Creating a line that appears on all parts

I’m trying to add a line to indicate the length of time over several bars, but am hoping to have it show on all parts:

As it’s an ordinary line, this will only show on the top staff to which it is attached.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

thank you

You just need to Alt+click rather than click where you want the line.

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The following procedure assumes that you want the line to display above only the top staff in the score but display in all parts.

This might work, but it will probably take a few minutes to do.

Add the line to the top staff in the score.

Copy the line to the staves below using Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below (if you haven’t done so already, you might like to assign a keyboard shortcut to that command). You could also use alt-click to copy, but you will need to be fairly precise about where you click.

Using the System Track, select the bar in the score where the line starts, and then use Edit > Filter > Horizontal and Note-attached Lines to select only the lines.

De-select the first one (cmd/ctrl-click).

Open the Properties panel. Set local properties to Locally - this is important, as it makes the change in the score but not in the parts.

In the Common section, click on Color and either set the colour to white or the opacity to zero. The selected lines should now become invisible in the score, but should be visible in the parts.

You can do the same procedure with the text if you have used “normal” text. If you have used System Text, it will appear on all the parts automatically.

Thank you—this did the trick perfectly.