Creating a mask to remove a lead vocal from audience tracks

I imagine this can work, somehow. I have a live recording, there is a lot of crowd singing along with the lead singer. I want to get the singer out of the crowd tracks so I can tune the LV. Unmixing thus far has not been successful, all the various algorithms seem to be unable to distinguish between them.

What I am thinking is: I could remove exactly the LV from the crowd tracks by creating a mask for it, and applying the to the crowd tracks.


Use the harmonic selection tool to precisely select the LV, and cut those frequencies to a separate layer. This might not 100% isolate the LV, but enough that you can give it a boost over the crowd, or reduce the crowd. Harmonics Selection


Thank you Robin!

To further clarify, this is a multitrack recording, so I have the LV on its own, plus the crowd tracks on their own. Can I use the LV track to tell SL to remove exactly that from the crowd tracks, and assuming so, what is the whole process?

Ah ok ! Then what you’re looking for are the imprinting processes: Imprinting
This removes the frequencies of one layer from another layer.


Fantastic, thanks again Robin!

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