Creating a Master Page (For Cover Page, Full Score and Individual Parts)

Hello people of Dorico Forums,

I’m creating an Orchestral Score and I’ve never really messed with Master Pages. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing (when creating a Master Page and I don’t want to mess it up. Could someone please help me with this? (attaching a pdf of what I’m going for)

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Ian Hook

Sophomore’s Symphony TRANSPOSED PITCH.pdf (1.4 MB)

This might help: Working with master pages in Dorico, part 1 - Scoring Notes

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In addition to reading the documentation referenced by Dan…

Start by opening the type of Master Page you would want to edit as if you were going to edit it. Then click on the various frames and note in the Properties panel (and the anchor-point diagram) how each is set up. (I wrote these items down for reference when I started created my own Master Pages.)

Then create a Custom page based on no prior page (which would not interfere with the default pages) and play with the frames to see how they work. I find that experimenting is one of the quickest way to get one’s footing.

An alternate approach would be to open a new project just to experiment with the various Master Pages. I have a saved project set up just to use to create new Master Pages, from which I can then export Master Page Sets to use in my more serious projects.

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With the default Master Page Sophomore’s Symphony would be the ProjectTitle and Path of Shadows would be the flow title.

To get a roman numeral for the flow number edit the Flow Header and use {@flowNumberRomanUpper@}.

To get italics for the flow name, go to Engrave > Paragraph styles > Flow title and change regular to italic. Then set Title to bold.

By default, on subsequent pages the flow title is printed at the top. Edit the default Master Page and set the header to {@projectTitle@} {@flowNumberRomanUpper@} CONTINUED

Enter all the text for the titles in the project info dialog.

Do not edit any pages directly in Engrave mode. If you get any red triangles on page icons, right click and Remove page overrides.

Attached is the default orchestral template with the above edits.
Sohpomore’s Symphony.dorico (505.3 KB)

Do you think I would need to create a whole new score? The main issue I’m having is precision, setting up the Title, Subtitle and Composer Text exactly how I have them in the pdf attached.

No, not at all! Your master page can look like whatever you want. And you can assign it to whatever page you want, in any layout.

Hey Craig, I would much rather delete the Flow Title entirely and add a Subtitle. With the way Flow Titles work, I would have too much space between the Title and Subtitle. The order (highest to lowest) that I want is Title, Subtitle, Composer. Everything else you explained I do know how to do (I did this myself I’m just not sure how to convert to Master Page). Thanks!

Good to know!

A. Don’t delete Flow Headings - if you delete them you get page overrides, which mean that changes you make to Master Pages won’t take effect on the individual pages. Turn them off in Layout Options instead.
B. You can’t convert changes you make on individual pages into Master Pages - you need to do the work inside the Master Pages Editor.

No no, I haven’t deleted the headings, just the Flow Title. Sorry if I implied that. Also I’m aware that I can’t do that. I’ve been trying to create a Master Page to look identical or almost identical to the pdf I sent.

Let me put that a different way: don’t alter anything that’s in a text frame on the individual pages: that’s Flow Headings, Project Titles, Flow Titles, Composer, you name it. If it’s text and it’s in a green frame, make the changes in the Master Pages Editor and the Flow Headings Editor, and turn on and off the bits you want in Layout Options.

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Okay, Thanks!

If you create a Master Page Set (with as many different Master Pages in it as you wish) you can import that into Engrave Mode and assign your Master Pages in place of those provided by default.

I have started attempting to create a Master Page, is there any way to zoom in?

I sent you a PM with a copy of my construction template. Go to your avatar icon at the top of this page to access your PM’s.

Enjoy playing with it.

Here are the zoom options available.

I can’t find an option for the Flow Title specifically in Layout Options. How can I turn off ONLY the Flow Title?

Are you talking about the flow title at the top of the flow, under the project title, or the flow title at the top of every page apart from the first page?

I made a labelled example showing what information is included at the tops of pages by default that might be helpful:

Under the Project Title, I prefer to have a Subtitle present, rather than a Flow Title.