Creating a Master Page (For Cover Page, Full Score and Individual Parts)

A. Don’t delete Flow Headings - if you delete them you get page overrides, which mean that changes you make to Master Pages won’t take effect on the individual pages. Turn them off in Layout Options instead.
B. You can’t convert changes you make on individual pages into Master Pages - you need to do the work inside the Master Pages Editor.

No no, I haven’t deleted the headings, just the Flow Title. Sorry if I implied that. Also I’m aware that I can’t do that. I’ve been trying to create a Master Page to look identical or almost identical to the pdf I sent.

Let me put that a different way: don’t alter anything that’s in a text frame on the individual pages: that’s Flow Headings, Project Titles, Flow Titles, Composer, you name it. If it’s text and it’s in a green frame, make the changes in the Master Pages Editor and the Flow Headings Editor, and turn on and off the bits you want in Layout Options.

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Okay, Thanks!

If you create a Master Page Set (with as many different Master Pages in it as you wish) you can import that into Engrave Mode and assign your Master Pages in place of those provided by default.

I have started attempting to create a Master Page, is there any way to zoom in?

I sent you a PM with a copy of my construction template. Go to your avatar icon at the top of this page to access your PM’s.

Enjoy playing with it.

Here are the zoom options available.

I can’t find an option for the Flow Title specifically in Layout Options. How can I turn off ONLY the Flow Title?

Are you talking about the flow title at the top of the flow, under the project title, or the flow title at the top of every page apart from the first page?

I made a labelled example showing what information is included at the tops of pages by default that might be helpful:

Under the Project Title, I prefer to have a Subtitle present, rather than a Flow Title.

Okay, Thanks, I’ll look into it!

Ohhhh okayyyy, I thought the setting was for #4 not #2, I was confused, I understand now, thank you!

How do you apply them?

If by “apply” you mean “change” - you can customize the existing First and Default master pages however you like. In Engrave mode, show the panel on the right by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-9, then double-click the master page you want to edit - they’re in the section called Master Pages. For instance, you could add a project subtitle token to the text frame containing the project title, and format the text so that it’s centered and italic, say, or create a paragraph style for subtitles with that formatting.

Here’s an introduction video to master pages.

I mean like applying the Master Page to the Score itself. Okay, Thanks, I’ll watch it.

Layouts automatically use the First and Default master pages. First for, well, the first page of music :wink: and Default for subsequent pages. You can change when Dorico uses the First master page automatically in Layout Options.

For overrides, such as when you want to apply a custom master page to a specific page, see here.

For changing the master page set used for a particular layout, see here.

So would it be smart to create a new score?

To have a title, subtitle etc? No - just edit the master pages in this project to how you want them. If those changes aren’t appearing in the current score, remove any previous overrides (that prevent Dorico from updating pages).

Editing master pages only affects them in that project - not any others, unless you export the edited set and import it into other projects.

You can of course have any number of scores in a single project as you like - that’s the flexibility of Dorico.