Creating a meter for volume output level. Where to assign?

Initially I tried to create an output meter by adding an aptly named “Meter”. This would be my preferred approach given I have a custom LED png ready to be applied however after reading the manual it says I need to use the “Bus Meter” template instead. Though even using this approach I’m unsure how to connect to the VU Level output.

The first (and preferred) approach (add Meter) allowed me to assign VULevel1 as the value however the meter was completely greyed out.


The second approach, and the one suggested in the manual but not preferred, is to add a Bus Meter.
In this example, I’m not sure what to add next to bus. As you can see I’ve manually entered @VULevel1 without success.

Even more confusing is the peak seems to be picking up something but it isn’t the master because that can’t be -52db. I suspect therefore the RMS leds are working also but they dont go as low as -52db


When you use bus meter you just need to connect it to bus.


Easy way to do this is to connect any bus parameter.


And then delete the parameter id so you are left with the scope for the bus.

Amazing! It works.

A sneak peak of the GUI now that I have that functioning :smiley:


I’m really in the final stages of this project now and so excited to start testing it.