Creating a Midi Device for my Roland Juno Ds88

I seem to be getting in a tis was over trying to create a new device, so I can select instruments in the track inspector for my Roland Juno DS88.(newly installed Elements V9). I follow all the instructions to create new device. I set the output of the new device correctly. My midi ports are all set and working correctly.
I create presets using the correct data from the Roland manual (msb,lsb,pc etc)
But…when I go over to the track inspector, the bank selector and program change arrows sit there staring at me and do not change to the one ‘off’, to let me select my instruments by name.
Here is where I am really getting confused…I have seen lots of references to txt file scripts and where to save them, but the midi device creator exports in xml format, and surely should work as is?
Is there somewhere special this has to be saved too, because the instructions seem to dry up when you get to that stage?
And at no stage do the instructions for creating a new device even mention txt files, so is this from an older version?
Thanks for any help in advance.

If you have the txt file place it at the correct preferences path (user/app data/roaming…etc)
and import it using the device manager.Then assign the correct midi in outs to the device.

If you want to create the device panel from scratch, read the manual step by step and google for tutorials.Very confuse without the correct information.


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Thanks…I am well on my way now to creating a patch script file for the Juno DS 88, and have been testing it along the way to make sure it works, which it does.
It doesn’t bare any resemblance to the instructions you get with Elements 9 for doing this though. They just refer to entering data into a new device created in the device manager…not editing or creating and saving txt files. I remember doing that back in old Atari St days :slight_smile:
I can see why this forum is so busy…thanks again.

Is it possible I can beg a copy of your patch script as I am also trying to create one from scratch by trial and error. I am happy to cross-transfer knowledge if there’s anything I can help with to create the finished article :smiley:



I just got a DS88 myself and was just looking into creating the file as well (but I’m a bit of a MIDIot) - @AdeyA444 - were you able to get it sorted out?