creating a mono track

hi,i want my bassline to be mono.
how do i do this?
i am using a vsti on instrument track.if i record onto this it will be stereo,yes?

Unfortunately later versions of Cubase do not support native Mono channels. I know eh? Anyways, you can set the panning to center by right click on the panning option in the track inspector and choosing dual stereo panner. Ctrl + click on this and it will set both left and right panning settings to the center.

Perhaps you could create a bass instrument track and a MONO group channel/track then route the output of the bass/instrument track to the mono group track. If there were undesirable stereo elements in the bass instrument in question, this might minimize it.

thanks for reply,its just that im making dance music,and im always told that the bass and kick should be mono,as most clubs are in mono.

Makes sense. Well, as another poster said and to keep it simple, if you just pan the stereo instrument channel to the center and it sounds like it’s right in the center of your head (with headphones or sitting exactly between your speakers) your good to go.

If you record on an instrument track, it will be MIDI information.
If the audio output is mono or stereo depends in your case in the first place on the sounds that are created by your VSTi, not on the track they are on.

Not sure if this is what you’re after, but you could run the Stereo Enhancer plugin and just tick on the mono switch. Gives you an option to switch it back to stereo if you don’t dig it.

thanks folks.

Hmmm…, since u are using vst instrument… what if, u resample ur bass track (audio mixdown) … and choose a mono mixdown, then u wil have a mono bass track n save ur CPU… :wink:

yeah could do that,but incase i want to automate some parameters on the vst i prob wont.
but its worth doin sometimes,thanks.