Creating a new ensemble

Is it possible to create new ensembles to add to the ones provided for instance ‘clarinet choir’ which I use quite frequently?

Not yet, but we hope to make this possible in future.

We could add clarinet choir for you in the meantime so that it would be included in a future update: can you tell me which flavours of clarinets and in which quantities you want them?

Thanks Daniel for your reply.
My normal Clarinet Choir set up is:-
Bb 1
Bb 2
Bb 3
Bb 4
Alto 1
Alto 2
Contra Alto
Contra Bass

Thanks, Joe, we’ll see about adding your clarinet choir ensemble.

Daniel - any chance of adding a saxophone quartet under “Add ensemble?” Bb soprano, Eb alto, Bb tenor, and Eb baritone.

Sure, I’ll add this for the next update. We do already have a template for saxophone quartet, which you’ll find in the Chamber category.

Any news on the Clarinet choir ensemble?

Joe, I’ve added your clarinet choir ensemble tonight, so it’ll be included in the next update. Sorry it’s taken me so long.

Many thanks Daniel

Just installed Dorico 2.2 and there it is and flow titles for parts- brilliant. Many thanks to the team.