Creating a new 'Font Style'

I did a search of the forum, and while I found some information in this field, nothing answered the question.

I am trying to create a number that goes above a note (for example, (9) or (17)… I am using it to show what kind of drum roll is desired 9 stroke roll, 17 stroke roll, etc.).

I think (at this moment) the best method for this is to create a playing technique. I create a paragraph style named “Roll Number” and select the properties I want. I go to “Font Style” and this “Roll Number” is not present. And further more, I don’t see a way to create a Font style.

In the playing techniques editor, under the font, it only gives me “Font Styles” and since I was unable to create a Font Style, I am unable to add my “Roll Number”.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to create “Font Styles”?


No, I think there is no way to create custom font styles.
You could use a font style that you don’t use elsewhere, lyric translation or something like that.
Or you could create glyph type playing techniques. That would give you complete control over the font style and size etc. This might be tedious if you need many of them though.

I had an idea and it seems to work:
In my userlibrary.xml (in my user settings folder) I found a section with various font style entity definitions. I duplicated one of the definitions, renamed it and defined another entity ID. When I opened Dorico the nex time my new font style was there and I could use it for playing techniques. So far it seems as if I haven’t broken anything…

Quite smart! Thanks for the hint.

Very smart indeed!!!


Bumping an old thread because I just realized another way to create a new font style. (Maybe others already know this, but I didn’t see it posted.) In Engrave/Notehead Sets, create a new notehead set and click the Edit Notehead pencil to edit the default notehead that comes up. Add a glyph from whatever font you want to have selectable in Font Styles. You can then delete the notehead set if you want, and the font you selected will remain in Font Styles. Edit the Font Style to whatever settings you choose and it will now be available in Playing Techniques.

Basically any font you bring in should create a Font Style, so the method need not be so byzantine, but I must admit: it never occurred to me to do that just to get a new Font Style. Clever. Kudos, sir.

Same can be done within the Playing Techniques Editor. Just add a glyph from the font you want to any Playing Technique (whether new or old).

I believe that the Playing Techniques created are saved only in the current document! Is there no way to enter the default personal techniques?

There’s a Save As Default (star) icon at the bottom of the Playing Techniques Editor.