Creating a new instrument only for current language?

When I define a new instrument, I don’t see an option to specify the instrument name for another language. Is there a way to do this?

Hi @derhannes

You can switch temporarily to another language in Engraving options, but uncheck the reset checkbox! The next instrument that you create will be in the setted language and the already created instruments will stay in the language that was setted before.

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Thank you for your reply.

But that means that I have to define an instrument three times, for example, if I need it in English, German and Italian.


If you have more languages it becomes complicated because then Dorico will for example mix the name and the alteration language. I tried, and for example I came out with this “Klarinette in Si bemolle”, so not a good way… Also if you have more identical instruments it seems that Dorico takes the original language, ignoring the engraving option.

Maybe the fastest solution is to rename the Instrument names (the long and shorts) or the players names (long and shorts) if you need to assign the player names to staff labels.

But what you want as end result? Can you attach some picture of your intended result and desired scenario?

Well, I’m writing something by Bach and there’s a “Flaute Traverso”. So I thought I’d create a “Querflöte” and then also give it the Italian name so that I can switch between these names by changing the language in the notation options.

I think I’ll do it that way.

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