Creating a NOTE REPEAT/ROLL button.

Hi All,

I know, I know…this was probably covered at some point but it’s so buried that I can’t find it. And I know that I should simply know HOW to do this by now but I don’t, so I’m asking.

How does one simply program a button on a MIDI controller like the PCR-800 to act as a ROLL (Roland world) or NOTE REPEAT (MPC world) button? I don’t want to have to buy a drum machine just to have this one simple little feature. I know that I can just play it or edit it in by hand - PERFORMING with it is what I’m trying to do.

On an MPC you just hold down the note repeat button and you can program/play different repeats with a touch and feel that you can’t replicate editing it in by hand or trying to play the hits fast at 1/16 notes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

No one here knows how to do this? Or is this too trivial of a problem to be bothered with? :unamused:

Well it’s not really a Cubase question, as it’s dependent on the controller!

If I understand the question it actually isn’t a question of the controller, but of the target VSTi.

You need a VSTi that has a “re-trigger” option. Samplers like Kontakt and Halion each have multiple ways to do this depending on what type of sample set is loaded. Drum romplers do it various ways as well.

Note to self: Is the arpeggio function the key to this puzzle? Will programming a button on the PCR to arpeggiate at selected note length produce a “note repeat” effect?

Precisely. That’s why I posted the question in this section. I’m hoping that the issue is generic enough that whether the solution applies to my PCR-800 or some other controller that it will readily present itself. My hope is that some MIDI guru here with a belt higher than mine :smiley: can offer a suggestion or two.