creating a silent playback technique / expanding on playing techniques


I tried creating a silent playback technique for pressing keys silently on piano or just moving the pedal on timpani but I can’t really get it to work.
I created a playing technique called pedal only, assigned a playback technique called silent which I want to use with other instruments as well and connected that to the expression map of the timpani. I set the velocity percent to 1 inside the expression map.

One thing I noticed is even if I assign the playing technique in wirte mode, inside the play window it doesn’t change.
How do I get it to work?

Another question:
Can I add my own samples to the Halion Sampler? I just want a representation of those noisy sounds of brushing the skin of the timpani for example. I can’t add another sampler just for one extra articulation, right? One instrument uses one VST, correct?

Thank you

For now you have to create play techniques as a Direction. Attributes don’t work yet.

Re: Halion… If you have a full license for the Halion Sampler then yes, you can add your own samples. But for the library products, like those that come with Dorico, no.

Thank you!
additionally I had to make a CC 11 with the value 0 but now it works fine.
And there is no way to use multiple vsts with one instrument?
Are the audio files from halion available to load them in another sampler?

Not sure about the Dorico mixer environment (I don’t use it), but if you use something like VE Pro you can do pretty much anything.