Creating a Songbook

So I have been using Dorico to achieve something I’ve always wanted to do–put my piano/vocal music into a single songbook. And I am loving using the flows, splitting them to represent individual songs in cycles, for example. But my cast of instruments seems to include multiple pianos, sopranos, altos, etc. Is there a way to unify?

Did you import these flows from other projects, and choose to use separate players when you did so?

You could start a fresh project, import the flows again and merge players this time, or manually transfer material to one player for each piano, soprano etc. You can find relevant arranging methods in this section of the manual.

They are all separate projects from 20 years plus of Sibelius use, and I thought I had merged.

One trouble I have: if I’ve set up a piano with three staves from time to time, but do not want all three staves to be showing, is there a way to manually hide?

You can merge projects into one Dorico project by importing flows/XML etc, but Dorico will only give all the music to the same player if you choose “merge players” when importing.

Extra staves: you can add them just where you want them, and you can use manual staff visibility and hiding empty staves to control where staves appear as well.

There have been many times when I have imported from Finale and found extra, “duplicate” instruments created in spite of choosing the merge option. This is, I am convinced, because in Finale I have configured the instruments differently (different pianos might have been assigned to different VST pianos) which causes Finale to flag them as different instruments as far as Dorico is concerned.

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