Creating a stem mix (whilst preserving groups)

I want to find the quickest way to get from a project with:

50 tracks all with inserts
5 groups with inserts
2 fX channels with inserts
Master bus with inserts

To a project that has the same groups/fx setup with the same plugins and the same inserts on the master bus but the 50 tracks are now all stems i.e no inserts.

Ideally the silence would be removed from the full track stem to help with things being re-edited.

In Cubase 7 it’s easy to batch export now and even create a project from that but you lose the groups and their inserts.

  1. bypass inserts on Master
  2. bounce ‘50 tracks’ THROUGH groups ( SOLO DEFEAT groups and use batch export) on single tracks
  3. re-assign send levels and automation with range tool (show automation select automation and copy/paste

    there isn’t a super quick fix that i know of, but hopefully this should help you out.

I was thinking that it could be as simple as creating a new group for each stem, then redirecting the 50 tracks through the new groups, with the new groups going to the appropriate orig 5 groups. Then export the new groups, import, set up the routing and FX sends for the stem channels. But it could also get more complex depending on your routing through the orig 5 groups and what send FX you might have set up on the orig 50 tracks too…