creating a submaster

hey guys, is there a quick way to make a submaster?
so basically…ive mixed this whole track with high pass on the master, now that im done I want to send everything to submaster (w/ the high pass) & mix the sub separate.

is there a quick way to do this?


Just create a Group Track and send all your high pass tracks to it. Then send your sub parts to the Master or can create another Group Track for the sub parts and you can use the Master to control both Groups if needed.

yeah but is there a quick way to do it? like i was thinking a right click-> do this -> etc,…

I guess select all tracks that you want in the new sub group, go to the mixer, right click and select Selected Channels to Group Channel.

that’s hard when you have 70+ audio tracks :neutral_face:…can I right click the master and from there?

Why would that be hard ?
Should not take more than 10 seconds.

ahh true – so you mean q-link?

Read what ilmolto wrote again,
Select the tracks.
Right click, and choose the command.

That will create a Group and route the selected tracks to that group.

If you want to route back to your standard Master Out.
Select the tracks ( believe the modifier is SHIFT ) hold down SHIFT and change the first selected tracks output.
Q-link might work, sorry not in front of a computer right now.

“Channel & Track Visibility - Agents: Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel”
This command would be useful.