Creating a template

I don’t see any information on creating a template I have my own workflow I would love to just be able to create my own templates


Thanks for your message.

Please use the “Snapshot” function to create a template.
Here are the required steps:

  • Please create a project and give it the desired template name
  • Make all your settings
  • Go to Media/Projects and browse to the active project entry
  • Tap the “camera” icon to create a snapshot

Snapshots are similar to templates and maintain their status.
Once you double click a snapshot, a copy of the project will be created.

Hope that helps.


Hello there Lars.when we create Templates that way,and for what ever reason forget that’s the template project and make a track with it,that’s it, template gone…and you have to make a snapshot of the project and then delete all tracks and redo what ever changes and save it as a template again.thats loooong :joy::joy: it’s not a proper template since it’s also gets lost in the mist of other projects.we should be able to save them as templates and have them under Cubasis builtin templates

You cannot edit a snapshot file like a regular project - you can only spawn/make copies out of it when you double-tap on it and so, it works like a template. You can spawn as many copies out of a snapshot as you want by double-tapping on the snapshot. These spawned copies are what you can edit as a regular project and you can rename the spawned copies for your new project. The difference between a factory-installed template and a snapshot is - we can delete our snapshots but not the factory-installed templates.

For convenience, you could follow a naming format for snapshot/template projects and tap on the list headers to sort the files in any order to quickly locate them.


You are right.but the it still gets lost in the mist of other projects.would be nice to ave proper just open Cubasis and it’s there for fast work flow