Creating a title page in Dorico Pro 3.5 without removing page overrides

Hi there, I am wanting to add a title page at the beginning of my score. The most obvious approach, to insert a page from the pages panel, affects the positioning of text and/or music frames that I have previously edited. This is true regardless of what master page I select to use, including (None). Other forums and online tutorials introduce another solution which is to create an entirely new master page and to designate it as the “title” page. From there, to select page 1 in the pages panel, choose “Insert Master Page Change,” select the newly produced title page under “Use master page,” specify “Current Page Only” for “Range,” and click OK. When I click OK, the title page does not appear, but the green line above page 1 indicating a master page change does appear. Only when I then select “Remove Page Override(s)” or “Remove All Page Overrides” does the title page appear. By removing overrides, of course, all changes I have made to frame layout and spacing are deleted. I have spent many hours customizing music and text frames on each page and adjusting spacing. If I have to, I can simply save a separate Dorico file to produce the title page (or alternatively use a word processor), then create a page number change in the Dorico score file to reflect the theoretical title page, and then merge and organize PDF pages in a PDF editor. I have to believe there must be a way in Dorico to simply add a title page without removing page overrides. Because the alternative, to remove all page overrides, spend 5 minutes creating a title page, and then spend the same 4 hours I’ve already spent reproducing all edits/overrides, is not preferable. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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You should be ok if you remove ONLY the overrides on that page, not “all.”

Removing overrides shouldn’t remove note or staff spacing, unless removing the overrides causes all your pages to change casting off.

It would really be best if you could share the project file here, or via PM, so someone could take a quick look at advise you. Hopefully there’s a way to avoid losing all that work.

Thanks for your prompt response. I believe I have watched some of your tutorial videos in the past, which were very helpful. When I select “Remove Page Override” rather than “Remove All Page Overrides,” the same problem occurs. Changes are lost not only on page 1, but on all pages. What was page 1 then seems to pick up the Default Master Page layout, so I also lose the title information on the first page of my score. Regarding spacing, I definitely notice a clear change in spacing on all pages when I click “Remove Page Override,” whatever the reason for that. Not sure if I have the capability to share the file via PM yet since I just joined the forum. If I attach the file publicly here, will I be able to remove it later?

  1. Create your title Master Page
  2. “Insert Page” before your old p.1. This will produce a red triangle override-marking on your new p.1.
  3. “Insert Master Page Change” on your new title page. This will give a green marking on the display, but you won’t see any change yet.
  4. “Remove Page Override” on your intended title page to get rid of the red triangle. Do NOT choose “Remove All Page Overrides”, as this will remove them through the entire file!

Yes, I think you can edit your post later to remove the file. Or PM me.

I’ve got it, you can remove the link.


To follow up: Collin had removed the header from each “default” page, and manually created the first page directly on the layout itself, rather than editing the master page.