Creating an electronics "cue" staff

Hi there.

I’m attempting to recreate/revise an old piece of music that included an electronics “cue” staff that would trigger patches from Cycling '74’s program Max. In the original score (in Finale), i created a custom staff that was two lines - the top and bottom - that created a blank canvas to which i could put in number boxes (which are cue numbers) and descriptive text of what electronics gets triggered.

The attached PNG shows an example of what I did with the cue circled in green.

I don’t believe (in the little that i’ve experimented with/watched with the Dorico tutorials, i’m still a big newbie) that trying to create a separate text frame will do the trick if i ever have to make modifications to the actual music (i would need the cues to move with the music).

Is there a way to handle this kind of thing in Dorico? I’m open to the idea of alternative ideas to notate the cues, but it is important to me that it’s given its own consistent horizontal space.


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 02.36.19 .png

You might use shift+x to add these text parts attached to music, and you can format it as you wish… Or use a text frame. In this case, you might want to lock the music frames once the music is input, so that Dorico does not move the music if you change something in the layout afterwards.