Creating an empty flow


Quite often, I would like to create a flow with just one or a limited amount of instruments. When the orchestra is very large, disabling all the unnecessary players would take hours.

It would be great if there was a way to create a new flow that was initially empty, or just had a single instrument in it.


You can assign players to flows or flows to players, so you could select all players, then remove them from the flow in one click (unless you were talking about the processing time).

Alternatively, you could have a single-instrument flow in another project that you import into any and all projects you need – additionally, any new players you add to the project aren’t automatically assigned to imported flows (that didn’t originate in a project).


Thank you Lillie. Unfortunately, I can’t import flows from other projects, since this would add another player, and I need all the flows to be based on the same players.

The issue is indeed the long time needed to recalculate the score each time a player is deactivated. Doing the opposite (adding players) would be much faster with smaller ensembles.


Did you try Lillie’s first method? New flow, select all players, deselect the one you want to keep, un-check the box on the flow card. It’s hard for me to imagine it faster than that.

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As Lillie says: select all the Players you want to remove and then uncheck the Flow. You don’t have to do each Player one at a time.

Or: a tip from John Barron. Turn Off the Playback with the big button next to the play controls. Then do all the setup; then turn it back on.


When you import flows, you’re given the option to merge similar players, so as long as the imported flow contains a player that already exists in your current project (say, a flute) then you can “give” the flute part in the imported flow to the existing flute in the destination project.

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I hadn’t indeed tried this method. It is really fast. Thanks to all that answered!


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