Creating an expression map: root note ...

Hi all,
Is it possible to have a different root note for each expression map?

I made expression maps for violins, atos etc… from SE VSL but not for basses. The range of this instrument includes
the place where are usually the keyswitches so I started from C6, C6 being the root note.

When I opened the violins map, the root map was no more C0, but C6 as the bass map… :cry:

Please, can you tell me where I’m wrong?


Unfortunately, that is indeed the case. I too wish that it could be independent per map.

OK Vic, thanks. So we’ve to wait…but I beg different root notes for expression maps are not Steinberg’s top priority, aren’t they?

I suspect you are right :wink:. I would also like, when playing live, to be able to toggle Latch mode via a key command (or even, its own keyswitch :wink: )

… btw, what I will eventually get around to doing here…
N.B. this will be fine for newly-created maps, but, it does mean re-assigning all of my existing maps (which is why I haven’t even started doing it yet!)…
Just because the Root Note is, for example, C0, that doesn’t mean that the lowest note in a map has to be C0, it can be any note that is higher than C0… it just can’t be any note that is lower.
So, I shall change the Root note to, say, one octave below, to give me some “wiggle room” in case I ever need it (and I do indeed wish to add a new default key assignment to all the supplied maps, because, when in Latch mode, it is at the moment impossible to access the default slot while playing live!).
Unfortunately, if I simply cange the Root Note, as you have noticed, it also transposes all my existing maps, so I shall have to reassign them all, manually. :imp:

I had a similar problem with EWQLSO. I tried to form my own keyswitches but upon realising this I saw that my root note (C0) clashed with some ranges of the instruments, contrabassoon and contrabass for example, my solution was to transpose the instrument if need be by -12. Shifting the range up an octave thus freeing up my keyswitch notes.
Hope this helps over a year on!