creating an instrument with key switches


maybe it’s a stupid question but I can’t seem to figure out how to add keyswitches to an instrument.
So I have different samples for one note (tapping, bowing, pizz etc.) - where do I add keyswitches, how do I organize the instrument. Do I put every sample in one program on different layers? All in one layer?
I tried to read the manual, but don’t get a clue and I’m getting quite frustrated unfortunately.
Is there a tutorialsomewhere? I’m so lost right now…

OK I found out to use mega trig to set up conditions. I have a problem with this approach:
I have to set a key for the keyswitch e.g. A -1, but I also have to set a range where the keyswitch doesn’t work so A# -1 to C0 if my keyswitches go from A to C. For each key with switches above and below I have to set two ranges for keyswitches that don’t use this layer. Is there a more convenient way to set this up?

Thank you!