Creating an instrument

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction for modifying an instrument listed under Players in Dorico 3 … in this case the Kora.

I’m not happy with the parameters of the listed ‘kora’ and want to modify it, assign a different sound to it, and keep it available in the Players lists.

I’d also like to define a 21 string TAB system for it, if that’s possible.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

You can’t yet create custom instruments. For now, you’ll have to edit an existing instrument and save that file to use as a template. The sound patch can be manually loaded in Play Mode. The Kora doesn’t have a Tab option so you’ll have to find an instrument with the same transposition that does and edit the tuning in Setup Mode.

Hi Craig . Thanks very much for your clarification and suggestions, which I will try. Appreciated.

You can modify existing instruments by hacking the instruments.xml file. This is obviously not going to be officially supported but you can make some tweaks to suit your needs. I haven’t used the TAB function at all yet, so I have no idea if that is set up here, but here is part of the entry for Kora that you could edit if you wanted:

Fred that’s amazing. thank you so much, I’ll get to work on it!

Before you edit any files, you need to be aware that any updates that involve an edited file will not be updated.

yes, thanks for that reminder Craig