Creating and importing a vstsound file

Today I ran into some trouble with this subject (again) and solved it, so I thought I’d share. There may be are small errors in my explanation below. Writing everything right is too much work, I just want to help.

Creation of vstsound file
You can create 1 blah.vstsound file that contains several samples and program(s) and possibly cannot export samples. The purpose is portability and protection I guess. (For most usual purposes I’d recommend the other way and not wrapping your samples, it’s easier and safer to change your samples later)

  • In the slot rack, put one or more programs you want to distribute. Then, on the top left, below the word Halion 5, there’s a program loader drop down. To the right of that drop down, there is a little cube icon. “Create vst content” / “Export Multiprogram as vst sound”. Use icon that to create your file and in the dialog path box , put for instance d:\blah.vstsound
    Later , in D:\ you’ll find blah.vstsound and blah.vstpreset . You’ll need them both.

Importing and using the new vstsound file.
(partly adapted from manual)

Programs that are contained in VST Sound files can only be used if the corresponding VST Sound file has been registered. It is possible to add further VST Sound files to your VST Sound folder or elsewhere. Put the vstsound file where you want it. I used my VST Sound Archives folder

1.Click the Import button on the right of the Category filter toolbar. It looks like an arrow
2.Select “Register HSB/VST Sound Files“.
3.Navigate to the VST Sound file, select it, and click OK.

Now after this, I was trying for hours to use the patches that are inside it. The vstsound file alone seemed not enough. To use it, you’ll need the smaller .vstpreset file(s) that were created alongside the .vstsound file. Put them in
…My Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion 5\Program

They will reference and use the vstsound file.
From now on, your content will show up in media bay as well.

I hope this helps someone. If it did, please respond or thank, I like that.