Creating audio tracks in cubase and editing midi songs in cubase

Hi I have recently started using Yamaha PSR 900 and begun creating some original songs . Would someone be able to help me with or point me to some videos that show :

  1. How to connect the keyboard to cubase such that I can import the song (I beleive this will still be in midi) I create in Yamaha and do a bit of editing in cubase and save back as the midi file and play back on yamaha . I want to be able to hear the sounds come out of the yamaha while I do the editing . I am still a starter to this stuff so looking to start with easy lsiten and correct approach . I have a USB to host cable but not sure of what do I need to do in terms of settings between the two

  2. Once I create these songs I like to record each track into cubase using a steinberg ur 22c interface ie I record each track of the song as an audio file into cubase before sending it off to mix. What’s the best way to record these tracks with both cubase and yamaha in sync on tempo and clock I curently do this manually using the precount from cubase but I think I am beginning to notice some negligile but visible gaps . What’s the set up of cables and settings between keyboard , ur 22c and the cubase on my laptop .

Appreicate some inputs from folks who are more experieced with this stuff . Thanks everyone

I do recommend a google search “how to connect yamaha psr900 to cubase”.
You’ll find a few helpful links including some topics from this forum.