Creating automation - question / request

OK I must be being daft here. Workflow:

Use the Range Select tool to highlight a section (arbitrarily 4 bars) of a Volume automation track. It is currently at (say) -10dB. I can then drag the automation level up and down and that range creates a nice flat level change. Nice!

Feature request: allow me to type in the exact value I want to change the range to. Currently I have to go out of range select into point select, pick the 2 end points and type the required value in.

So far so OK. But now I want to change the level of a send in exactly the same way. I go to the lane, select the range. The send is currently at -oo. I want it to be (say) -6dB. I drag the line. Cubase creates 2 points at -oo but the line remains firmly rooted at that level. Now I have to go in, manually add the points, the line can go crazy because the addition is so fiddly, and it’s all very annoying. Surely this is a bug? Fix it Steinberg!

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