creating barred sections

Is it possible to create bar lines in a section of a flow, rather than the the rest of the flow? Or alternately is it possible to turn bar lines OFF partway through a flow (or for a selcted passage). I can delete barlines individually but it would be nice to just be able to bar short passages that I want barred and leave the rest open.

You should be able to create barlines wherever you want via the SHIFT+B popover.

Thanks, that’s helpful. Is there a way to then automatically add time signatures based on the placement of barlines throughout a piece or does this need to be done manually for each bar? It seems as though there is a hidden meter in each of these bars but when I turn off the “hide meter” switch there is no change.

Just adding barlines creates an unmeasured measure (symbolized by an X in the time signature flag above the barline); and it appears that one cannot go back and overwrite the X with a specific time signature in a popover, but one can click on an actual time signature selection menu. The question is what one would do if a pre-listed time signature is not available. At that point one may be stuck.

You can certainly go back and replace an open time signature with a non-open one: simply select it and type Shift+M, then type whatever you want into the popover, and it will be created there.

You are right. I must have been typing SHIFT+B instead of SHIFT+M by mistake.