Creating Blank Score Paper

Relatively simple request - would like to create a simple blank piano page for hand drawing notes. Would like to be able to specify the number of measures per staff and the size of the spacing of the staff lines. Currently I do see the ability to change spacing but it is listed in points instead of mm (which my brain relates to easier).

Dorico is probably not the optimal tool for this at the moment. You might try a dedicated tool like this one for the time being.

I appreciate your quick reply Daniel. Consider having this as a feature in a future update.

I appreciate that the team don’t spend time on this, but it is indeed possible if you are a little adventurous :slight_smile:
see this thread:

Thank you “fratveno” for your reference to the “view topic thread”. At best that work around is quite convoluted aka “adventurous”. I can of course do this with little effort in PreSonus Notion, BUT lets get this feature in Dorico. I personally appreciate “the team” spending as much time as necessary to make this the BEST engraving program out there. It would motivate me to continue using this program that is going through its understandable growing pains.

If you use one flow per staff line, it’s not really very adventurous or difficult. Here’s what I did:

  1. set the end barline of each flow to “none”*(notation options/barlines)
  2. enter a time signature of 4/4 to display a single bar with bar rest. Hide the time signature (properties panel) and the bar rest (Layout options/Players>deselect ‘show bar rests in empty measures’)
  3. Open the clefs panel on the right and under uncommon clefs enter ‘invisible clef’.
  4. in Layout options/Page setup set flows to Allow on existing page. Under /Note Spacing deselect ‘only justify final system…’ and under /Staves and Systems set staff labels on first system to None.
  5. In Engrave mode click on Frames upper left and remove the green frames. Then expand the blue frame to fill the page.
  6. repeat as necessary… :slight_smile:

That stubborn little crotchet rest will not go away.

You need a bar first. That’s why fratveno created a 4/4 time signature (any other will do too). Now you can get rid of the rest by deselecting show bar rests (bar rests meaning WHOLE-BAR rests).

Ahhhhhh! No wonder! :laughing:

Thank you!

Since this is still the top Google search result, here’s a link to a short tip by Anthony Hughes how to do this with Dorico 3.5 (and up):