Creating Chord Events from MIDI not working

Hi folks,

I’m trying to create chord events from a midi track. Neither of what the manual states works (Creating Chord Events from MIDI):

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the MIDI part and drop it on the chord track.
  • Right-click a MIDI part, and select Create Chord Events from the context menu.
  • Select Project > Chord Track > Create Chord Events.

A dialog pops up, but after pressing “OK” no chord event is created.
The dialog is configured as follows:

Include Bass Notes
[] Include Tensions
] Detect Arpeggios
[_] Interpret Sustain Pedal
Ignore Notes Shorter Than

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is really appreciated.

Kind regards,

To answer your question, it would be useful to know what notes are in the midi part you are dragging. Best to try a part for testing that has only one chord.