Creating Chords From Single Notes

Can someone please explain to me how I can use Chord Pad to create Full chords from single notes…I saw Greg Ondo do in a video on Chord Pad very powerful tool Chord Pad…but I dont understand how he did it.Great video Greg but please go slower dont move your mouse or hands or talk too fast so I can understand these tools I wish Steinberg had made this a preset in CBase 10…A lot of powerful tools in Cbase I want to use but Steinberg should make more easy to find presets.This way it avoids coming to the forum asking questions like these.Thanks for your help:)

If I understand your question correctly…

Open up your Chord Pad and hover your mouse over one of the pads. On the left edge of this pad you should see a little circle with a triangle pointing down. Click on it and it should open Chord Editor for you. There you can input the notes for your chord.
Another way is to klick on a Preset button on the left hand side of the Chord Pad window (little “box like” icon) and just load full chords from there.

I hope it will help.

Thanks for the response.What I meant was I wanted to input one note then have Chord Pad turn that single note into full chord with bass notes as well .I thought this was what Greg Ondo did in the video?