Creating Custom Categories for File Tagging in Cubase Media Bay

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to organize and tag my presets into a personalized category/subcategory system. In other DAWs, I’ve implemented a system that involves multiple categories, each with one or more subcategories. I’m attempting to apply a similar approach in Cubase.

Here’s my challenge: Even though it’s possible to create custom attributes in Cubase’s Media Bay, they all default to the “Various” category. I haven’t found a way to establish new custom categories, which is crucial for me since I want to avoid having all my tags under “Various”. The existing categories in Cubase include “Media,” “Audio - Properties,” “Audio - Assets,” “Staff,” “Musical,” “Track Template,” “Plugin,” and “Various.”

I’m looking to add my own categories and make it similar to how I organize files in other DAWs. Am I missing an option to create new categories, or is the only solution to continue using the attributes that default to the “Various” category?

Thank you .