Creating custom dynamics with the same font as common glyphs

When I try to create a custom dynamic glyph through playing techniques, I understand that I should choose the font dynamic music text font. I have seen on other posts here, that when people do this, they get the same font as the common dynamic glyphs, but this doesn’t seem to happen to me. I have tried changing the type from text to glyph and then editing the ‘glyph’ but it doesn’t have the font there.

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You can use glyph like this.


Okay thank you so much, it works now!

That font style is usually set to a SMuFL music font, which has no alphabetic ‘text’ characters. The dynamics symbols in the font don’t use the letters m, p, f etc. for dynamics: they are in other character positions in the font. (As shown in the SMuFL dynamics range in jesele’s answer.)