Creating custom graphics in score and parts

I would like to create a tempo graphic using arrows and an 8th-note symbol (left arrow 8th-note right arrow) and apply it to all parts in my large ensemble score.

I created one on the top staff by painstakingly assigning each line and the 8th note (as insert text) to the first beat and then moved it into position in Engrave mode. While this does look good in my score, I haven’t figured out how to make it appear in every part. I tried copying and pasting to other staves but it’s just a mess and doesn’t align.

Ideally, I would like to make a custom graphic and paste it into position and have an option to apply it to all parts. Is there a way to do this? And if not, could there be at some point?

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Hi Joni!

Use MusGlyphs font and just type it in using System Text. :sunglasses:


I just typed <e>.

You can resize things here and there as desired, which is quite easy.

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If you are happy showing eighth = eighth alongside the arrows, you could use Dorico’s in-built tempo equations, with Library > Engraving Options > Tempo set to show arrows either side.

You can of course also create system-attached text, and use the Insert Music Text dialog to add musical glyphs and symbols more easily.

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Thank you! I tried both ways and they work! I am constantly amazed at what Dorico can do.

Dan, I can’t tell where you are inputting your glyph. It doesn’t look like shift -Alt-x.

My next concern is to figure out how to make Dorico stop moving the position of my system text. I have placed the arrow tempo indication on the barline (as shown in an Elliott Carter example in the Gould). Dorico wants to move my tempos above the bar numbers which I use at the top of the staff. Again the Gould shows tempos below bar numbers. I’m certain the repositioning is user error.

Thank you!

I was inputting it in Wordpad. :wink: But it works the same in Dorico.

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