Creating dotted rhythms deleting slurs?

Hello all, I wanted to check on something I’ve noticed in a project- not sure if it’s a “bug” or a “feature”

First of all, I absolutely love the option to write all eighth notes, then highlight them, press . and have them all turn into dotted eighth-sixteenths. Wonderful timesaver!

When I do this on a set of notes without a slur, or a set of notes under a long slur, it works as intended. However, if each beat is under its own slur, the slurs are removed when I press .

It’s no big deal to click each beat and add the slurs back in, but unless there’s some reason for this I wouldn’t think it should behave this way!

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum. That is the intended behavior, since (I assume) the endpoint of the slur is attached to a rhythmic position that is no longer represented by a note event, so Dorico drops it.

But I agree it would be nice if Dorico knew that it should retain the slur.

Thank you, I figured it was something like that! Your correct that the end point of the slur would be attached to an eighth note that is now subsumed under the dotted eighth.