Creating Duplicates of Page Templates

Hi all,

Is it possible to create duplicates of a page template without having the flows linked in them. From personal experience and this link I have found that I can create a new page template based on an existing template, but then when I edit the new template at all, it will affect the flows on the first template.

I am wanting to create notation guides for the front of my score-- basically I will have a series of music frames on the left sides with different notations/noteheads, and text boxes on the right describing what the notation means. I will have a separate page template for winds, brass, piano, etc. so that I can pull different flows into the music frames, but each template will look nearly identical from the standpoint of the flow layout on the page. It would save me a lot of time if I could make the winds notation guide and then duplicate it for every other family’s notation guide, but obviously each guide will have different information inside of the flows.

This seems like it should be a simple thing, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. Any guidance would be extremely helpful!

Any shared frames between the original and duplicate page templates are linked. You can however delete and recreate any frames you don’t want linked, and those will behave independently between the original/duplicate page templates.

Got it, thank you! Is this also true for page template sets? i.e., if I create a sample template set and import it into a new project, could I then duplicate the set and make adjustments for a particular piece, or would all of the page templates within the duplicate set be linked to the original template set?

I’m fairly sure that once you’ve imported a set into a project, it behaves “locally” within the project (ie editing the imported template set in one project won’t affect the same template set in its original project).


To overwrite an older version of a Page Template Set one would have to export the new one and then re-import it to the file with the earlier version.

I keep a special project solely to update and create Page Template Set(s).

Yes, I also have a project for just my page template set. Let’s call that “Sample Orchestra Score.” I export this set and import it into “Piece No. 1.” I can then highlight the set from “Sample Orchestra Score” and click on the small plus button in the page template sets in Engrave mode, and it should create a new set based on “Sample Orchestra Score,” correct? Then I can edit all of my page templates within “Piece No. 1,” and it will not change the original template set.

Do I have all of this straight?