Creating Dynamic on a Tight Note

Hi, after watching again John’s tutorials (Discover Dorico for November 2019) I am still stuck while creating dynamics on a tight note. Let’s say I need to input on a whole note which is tight with other whole nots. Please see a gif. What exactly do I have to do? Typing in dynamic popover and selecting a particular duration doesn’t lead to the expected results. No matter what I select, Dorico creates this dynamic for a half note. What is a logic behind? Yes, I know, I can extend it after that, but I wonder if there is a way to create it directly? I would like to understand deeper how things in Dorico work. Thank you:)

Don’t double-click the note: double-click an empty part of the staff where you want the caret to appear. It’s difficult to train yourself to click the staff rather than the note, but that’s the step you’re missing.

To then enter a string of dynamics of a particular duration, you need to use the Shift+D popover in conjunction with advancing the caret so that each dynamic knows how long it’s meant to be. In your example, there’s just a single note that is 20 quarter beats in length. There’s no way for Dorico to know that you want dynamics to apply only to four beats within that 20-beat note unless you tell it explicitly. The way you do that is by typing Shift+D with the caret visible, then typing < and hitting Return, hitting Space twice (assuming you have the quarter note chosen in the notes panel), then type Shift+D again, type f> and hit Return, then hit Space twice more, before either leaving note input or typing ? to stop the hairpin.

Thank you Daniel for your help. Sounds not like a solution, which could be found intuitively, but it works.

It’s not intuitive but makes totally sense, and is very precise. It’s the only software I know that can be precise for this kind of markings.