Creating expression maps for OT Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 & 2

I recently installed BWW Soloists 1 and 2 and couldn’t find any existing Dorico expression maps so started to create my own. Every library has its challenges when fitting into notation software like Dorico and BWW Soloists is no exception. Because it contains different legato and sustain types I decided to add six new playback techniques: Legato expressive, Legato accented, Legato swell, Natural expressive, Natural accented and Natural swell. Clearly later I will have to add to the Playing Techniques to accommodate these. I also made note conditions for the Naturals although I’m not confident they’re correct. Can a staccato have a swell if it’s a short note? Despite my uncertainty I thought it might be interesting to share the EMs here and invite suggestions for changes. For obvious reasons I skipped the breath sounds! Maybe the ornaments should be ignored as well for Dorico. I love the sound of this library, Perhaps it’s a question of choosing a subset of the available articulations from the library rather than forcing everything into an EM.

Forum member input very welcome.

BWWS2 Solo Bass (14.5 KB)