Creating Expression Maps.


On my quest of creating an Orchestral Template I am wondering whether I should create Expression Maps for Virtual Instruments? I understand that if you use an Expression Map in Cubase you actually only have to load, for example, 1 Patch within Kontakt 5 and use key switches to use any Articulation assigned to the Key Switches. Thus saving of copious amounts of RAM as there is only one Patch in Kontakt Loaded. This makes sense as a good way of working but how, when printing off Scores (onto real Paper haha), does the Articulations get notated? And do all the keyswitch “Notes” show up on the score?

Although so much more RAM hungry (of which I have nearly used 16gb so will get some more) is it better to create a midi channel (assigned to Kontakt 5 Patch) for every Articulation as I am imagining it makes it easier for Printing Score? Expression Maps in Cubase seem like an amazing feature but I just need to get my head round working with them.

Thanks for any help. I am learning so much on this forum!


With expression maps you can use either a keyswitch patch with multiple articulations, or multiple patches on different midi channels with one articulation per channel. This can all be controlled from just one midi track in Cubase. If you go the multiple channel route, you can assign keyswitches in an expression map to cause the track to output to various midi channels. The track’s midi out must be set to ‘any’ in this case.

Keyswitch notes don’t show up in the score, but user defined articulation text or symbols do. Expression maps are the main reason I use Cubase.

My orchestral template is saved with most of the samples unloaded but all the routing defined. It loads nearly instantly and I load samples as needed.

I hope this was clear!

Thank you. Yes, I think I understand. Gonna have to have a play about making an Expression Map and see what works! I tried “Disabling Tracks” feature and it does indeed work and takes the VI out of RAM. This is brilliant. I’m thinking about buying a Native Instrument Kontrol S61 Keyboard for the Lightguide as it looks like a no brainer for using Keyswitches etc!

Thanks for you help and I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions regarding Expression Maps!