Creating fanned beam from tied note not working

I have a quarter note tied to a group of 7 eight notes that I want to make into a fanned accel. with 3 beams. I can’t find a way to do this that doesn’t unbeam the first tied note of the group. Is there an override to correct this?

Do it in Engrave mode. Make sure you select the last note of the tie, not the first note of the tie, and Cmd/Ctrl-click the last note of the group. Then right-click and go Beaming > Create Fanned Beam > etc.

Thanks Pianoleo, seems like extra work but it did work.

The upside is that Dorico knows how to rebeam/regroup notes, automatically inserting ties and dots as you shuffle them around or retrospectively change meter. It does this by seeing tied notes as single notes of a single duration, rather than as multiple notes tied together.
The downside is that occasionally one needs to shift into Engrave mode to select a single element of a tied note.