Creating freely metered music in Dorico


Nice blog post and explanation, Alain. It inspires me to try my hand at free meters!

Writing in free-meter is fun with Dorico, I feel I am holding an eraser that I can use at any time without wrecking things. It’s very freeing. And writing that blog entry was fun also!

I am enjoying it too! In other notation software it feels like you are either bound to a rigid grid, ore you have to predefine it before. Dorico feels flexible. I am used to sketching and composing my music on paper, and I’ll doubt that’ll change anytime soon, but I can see how people can see Dorico as their mean of composing, rather than (solely) their mean of notating :slight_smile:

I do everything directly on the computer. But then I did that in Sibelius also. Frequently though, I use an extra flow as a scratchpad in Dorico. It’s an unheralded use of flows, but I find it practical

So do I! It’s so neater! At the early stages of composing, creating a new flow to iterate on some material feels like turning a page in a sketch book an redrawing. It’s great to organize and store raw material.