Creating hitpoints on the beat?

Hello guys - long time no post, so here goes. This is driving me nuts!

Cubase 6.5.5 on XP

The problem; I have some backing vocals that I want to copy into a different version of a song. The BV in question are in a song where there is a small tempo map change every beat (quarter note), whereas the other version is fixed at 107. The first one is in the 105 to 107 range. So how do I copy them over and align things up without dragging and guessing? This is what I am trying to do …

  1. Insert hitpoints on EVERY BEAT. This has so far proved to be impossible. How do you achieve this because when I drag a hitpoint to the cursor (on a beat, say, it will snap to either or even How irritating is this? I don’t have the zero crossing selected, just the snap. Also, how do you remove unwanted hitpoints? Are you stuck with them whether you like it or not?

  2. Create Warp Tabs from the every beat hitpoints

  3. Copy and paste the BV track into the other project

  4. Open sample Editor, select Free Warp and snap the Warp Tabs to the new beat position.

It takes AGES and, as I said above, I cannot get it to occur precisely. Someone please rescue me from this Hitpoint Hell!

Forget hitpoints, tempo map the Bv’s
bounce audio to create one track (probably not necessary but that how I like to do it)
select the track and in the audio menu… Set Definition From Temp, and select write definition to audio file.
The tempo information is now copied into the selected audio clips and the tracks are set to musical time base. Furthermore, Musical Mode is activated for the audio events.
you will need to set musical mode and time base for that track when copied over to the new project.
It should now conform to the new tempo.
If you wish to make it permanent just do another bounce audio :slight_smile:

Oh dear, I don’t understand that at all …

What does Tempo Map the Backing Vocals actually mean? The track where the BVs are is a full multi-track WITH a click track and is all fully mapped with a Tempo Track that makes everything line up with the Bars and Beats ruler.

Although your way, (if I understood it), might be better, I would still like to know how to place hit points precisely on the beat, for future reference.

Thanks for your help so far.

EDIT. I tried your way but it didn’t work. It set the tempo of the track to 106.01, but when loaded into the other version, it set the tempo to 106.21, and by the third verse, there was a noticable lag :frowning:
So what I did was to import the BV, (without tempo mapping), into the new project and set the musical mode to ON and the tempo (manually) to 106.01 and, at first sight, it looks about right … so either there is something from your instructions that I am missing OR there is a bug in my Cubase 6.5.5.

FINAL EDIT Just listened to it and it does indeed line up all the way through.

Basically, if you have a tempo map for the original, then “set definition from tempo” and write to audio file should be all you need to do.
The track should then adapt to any tempo as long as you have the track set to musical time base etc…

I follow that now but I cannot fathom why when I did the “set definition from tempo”, it set the tempo to 106.01 BUT when dropped into the other project, the tempo in the pool was set at 106.21, causing the sync error, which became apparent the further the song played.

Once I dropped the BV in that didn’t have the “set definition from tempo” embedded, and set the tempo manually to the 106.01, it all worked. Something odd going on eh?

Thank you.

oh well… as long as it worked :slight_smile:

Yes indeed it did once I found a work-round to the (apparent) bug. So many thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

I am very grateful for your help as I will need to do this more than once; many times probably.

Do me a favour please Split. Try adding hitpoints manually and tell me if yours can be set right on the beat, like for instance, 4…0.0,,, as I think it’s another bug - or maybe I am junxed :frowning:


I never really use hit points, I’m more dragging the grid to match drums and the like for tempo mapping and subsequent straightening !
Didn’t like hit points, don’t think I ever got the point of them :slight_smile:

I see - it would have helped me to work out if my installation was faulty or whether Cubase itself is at fault. For me, they set bar reference points when I want to move audio elsewhere within a song or, indeed, as here, another song where the tempi are not identical

Of course, your workaround does go a long way towards negating that necessity … but my OCD won’t let it rest :frowning:

Kindest regards.