Creating Instrument Changes


I feel stupid but I can’t figure out how to make an instrument change. I have added an alto flute to the flute player but that’s as far as I come.

I have watched the tutorials on the site and searched through the forum and the Dorico Help but can’t find anything.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked something…

I believe in write mode you will always see both staves and should just write on the respective staff. When it comes to engrave/layout mode, it automatically creates the instrument change on a single staff. This is my understanding, I haven’t tested it out myself.

I actually only have one staff, that’s the weird thing. My setup for the instrument says: Flute & Alto Flute

Make sure you are in Galley View, not Page View (this can be switched on the bottom-middle right in Write mode). Did that work?

Thank you, that was the missing link! This should probably be included somewhere in the manual.