Creating lecture materials with multiple flows on more than one page

Hi! I’m trying to find out how to create work sheets where I use serveral flows over several pages. I’ve tried using an individual frame for each flow in the master pages and assigning each frame to the flow that I want there. For the first page I edited the “First page” template and then the “Default”. Here’s where I run into problems. How do I set the third page and pages that follow? Should I create new master pages? And then there’s the thing with left/right pages which I don’t understand. Dorico seems to do what I wish for right up to the left page of Default (my page 2 in the worksheet), then it stays in the flows that’s placed in the left page of Default. I tried to assign page 3 to a new master page that I created, but that wouldn’t work. Am I just on a completely wrong track? I would like this to work in some way, using a frame for each little flow, as it would be flexible. In any case I really like working with Dorico Pro 4. Much to learn, many possibilities.

The Left and Right halves should usually be identical because a page can land on an even or odd page. There are times you want them different like for Piano Four Hands.

As for the rest. Are you wanting different formatting on every Flow? Tough to recommend a solution unless I know exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Yes, about the left/right master pages I got so far as understanding that they should be the same. But for the ‘output’ I tried to assign each page to a unique master page layout, in which I didn’t succeed. On page 2 and 3 in the ‘output’ or end result, there should be three music frames, on each of the two pages. They should be assigned to flows 4, 5 and 6 to the left and 7, 8 and 9 to the right. Then it seems that I cant’t use the same master page for page 3 as to page 2 because in the master pages layout they are the same, that is, the frames are filtered to show flows 4, 5 and 6, respectively, both to the left and the right. But I want to have flows 7, 8 and 9 to the right in the end. What to do?

If you know for sure the even/odd page layout, you can use one Master Page. Or, you can create multiple Master Pages and apply them to specific pages.

I’m not very good at visualizing text. If you could post the Project file, it might make more sense to me.

Yes, I understand. I’ll keep trying to solve it. If the problem remains, maybe I’ll post some screenshots. Right now, I think I’ll just try some more. Thank you for trying to guide me, anyway!


From what you wrote, the best I came up with is the following. Maybe it will help.

Example.dorico (465.6 KB)

Edit: I will add that to do what I did doesn’t require separate music frames. But, I assume you may want text frames interleaved?

It’s possible that there’s a simpler way of achieving what you want, if you want your flows to appear one after the other, in sequence, just with several on the same page:

(* the above assumes that you’re using essentially the default page templates: with a single music frame chain, with all flows assigned to it)

Dorico has the option to show automatic flow headings above the start of each flow, which you can either turn off if you don’t want to use them, or edit the flow heading so it’s formatted the way you want (e.g. you might want the text smaller and left-aligned rather than center-aligned)

For adjusting spacing on pages, here’s some information about margins and here’s explanations of the default staff spacing options available to you (worth getting those as close to ideal as possible before moving individual staves around).

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Thanks Lillie! Yes, I decided to do it that way earlier today, it is much easier and maybe it will do the job. I’ll just work on my material that way and if I really need to move around flows in different frames, I guess it probably would be easier in a later stage anyway. I’m happy to say that I remembered where to find different layout options today, from the last time I had a go on it. Had a nice work flow, slow but nice. Many thanks for the support!