Creating Loops

Hi all,

Huge apologies in advance if I should know the answer to this question - but I’ve had a good look through the manual/on line and don’t appear to be able to find the answer…

I would like to import my own recorded audio into Loopmash. I take it that to do this, it has to be a “loop” and not just a common-or-garden audio sample that happens to loop nicely (e.g. 2 bars of drums that, when played back in cycle mode, work as a loop) - i.e. there is “something” embedded in the audio file that Loopmash will use to determine tempo and slicing etc - is that correct?

If so, how do I go about actually creating such a file? I assume that it is more complex than just exporting my 2 bars as a .wav file (doing that and importing the resulting file into Loopmash tends to have less than stellar results for me).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

You can just drag-and-drop your loop from the project to the Loop Mash “track”. More tutorials, you can find for example here.