Creating macro bug?

Very strange behavior trying to create now that I went back to 9.5 after a ton of issues with 10. See Macro error video for details:



We have already discussed this in other thread here on the forum.

I discovered, this bug occurs only in the special cases when you have multiple instances of the same command in the Macro chain, and you use a Delete button while making the macro. If you would write the exact order first, and then just add the commands in the correct order(keep the name of the Macro selected), then it works as expected. It takes more time, because you have to jump from on a command to other and then back (you cannot add “Duplicate” command severalties, and then add other commands in-between), then it works as expected and you are able to create the Macro.

Thanks! Was this fixed in 10?

Unfortunately not (CAN-19570).