Creating Midi Channel setup problem

Hi Chaps,

Bit of a noob question (as I am!) I am setting up the Korg Kronso and Cubase 9 Elements and I am exploring different methods of recording on either medium from one to the other.

So for this experiment I have recorded a combi on the Kronos into the Kronos own sequencer (simulating playing solo without a computer), then using the Kronos connected to Cubase I am recording the Korg sequencer into Cubase.

This appeared to work fine and I recorded all channels via the general channel across Ok into Cubase into one main track in one go. Then within Cubase I dissolved the part into multiple tracks to mimic the song structure on the Kronos and this is the problem and questions:

When the tracks are dissolved in Cubase, the Midi tracks created all seem to have their output routings set to whatever that particular Midi channel routing was used for in the past, even though I have started a new project. As Cubase then transmits this change back to the Kronos it subsequently screws up all the voices pre-set in the Kronos. For example if Midi Channel 3 was set up sometime as a drum track, when the dissolve creates a new channel 3 midi it defaults to drum track and will then switch my nicely created patch on channel 3 in the Kronos to drums.

Now I know there are other ways to do this , but this is a learning exercise so I have obviously set up something wrong somewhere, or there is a setting I need to set to force each new Midi channel creation to have the routing set to OFF by default (as I assume that this will not transmit anything back to the Kronos)

I also experience the same problem when I left click and “create new midi track”, the Midi output is not OFF but some other routings

Thanks all

Steve V